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Suzuki 2-Strokes: 1977 TC100

New Member TC100

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I’m new to this forum and I recently acquired what seems to be a 1977 TC100. I got it from my brother who got it from a guy who got it from his uncle that claimed the last time it ran was in the mid 90’s. So really not a lot of history on it. Lol

The interesting thing about this bike is it seems to have some key differences from most of the TC100’s I’ve seen on the internet. Particularly it has a short single seat with a larger rack and seems to be stripped of a lot of the features normally seen on these bikes like most of the electrics. I’m wondering if it was some kind of farm model? If anyone can shed some light on it that would be great.

I’ve order a shop manual and am waiting for that to arrive before I dive too deep into it. The little poking around seems to be that the oil system isn’t functioning correctly and is flooding the engine with oil. I guess that better than no oil. Also the injector line to carb seems to be full of air so need to look into that more. I’ll probably start a thread asking about this as I’m a little concerned there may be a leak in one of those lines.

On the plus side there seems to be good compression, 150psi and a strong spark so I think with a good carb cleaning and new seals in the leaking petcock it would run.

My background is with Triumph sports cars and snowmobiles but this bike seems way simpler to work on.


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