1972 TS185 Electric Upgrades?

All to do with wiring, charging or just trying to figure out whats gone wrong.

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1972 TS185 Electric Upgrades?

Post by jamesv220820 »

Hey guys first post here. Resto-Modding a 1972 TS185. I have restored a 66 Honda S90 and a couple SOHC4 Hondas. This is my first 2 stroke and first suzuki!

The bike has barely any miles and has great compression but has been sitting since 85.

What I am wondering is what electric performance upgrades can I do? I am not looking at performance like in the sense of more HP but better overall tech in it.

So for instance electrics. Is there a more modern high performance coil like dyna , rectifier , regulator , etc that you can do to these bikes?
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Re: 1972 TS185 Electric Upgrades?

Post by The1970's »

I think you won't find much support for aftermarket "tech" in regards to your TS185. I had a TC185, which is essentially the same bike plus electric start and a high/low gearbox. What exactly are you trying to do with it?

The charging system is minimal on these bikes because they have almost no electronics to begin with. So start adding a lot of parts and you may run out of charging capacity. Upgrading the regulator/rectifier is possible but the factory units are reliable and work well. I don't know the TS series well enough to tell you if you have ignition points or Suzuki's "Pointless ignition system", but if you do have points you could potentially upgrade to a power dynamo. You won't notice really any difference between properly adjusted points and a powerdynamo, but many people don't like adjusting points. Sure you could install a modern ignition coil, but you'll likely be disappointed to spend that money and not notice a difference. The main appeal of these bikes is that they're incredibly simple, reliable, and fun to blast around in the dirt. In my opinion your time, money and effort is better spent in maintaining the engine/suspension to factory condition and enjoy riding it.

I'm all for modifying old Suzuki's but this is one area that these old enduro's don't need upgrading
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Re: 1972 TS185 Electric Upgrades?

Post by alanr »

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Re: 1972 TS185 Electric Upgrades?

Post by jabcb »

The headlights were not standardized like they were in older cars. So a good new headlight unit can be hard to find & pricey.

A modern voltage regulator is worth considering because your headlight unit should last longer with it.
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Re: 1972 TS185 Electric Upgrades?

Post by garry55 »

The early TS 6 volt models can be upgraded to 12v electrics.
Details are on the suzukits forum, if it's still up and running. I haven't been on it for years.

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