New GT750 wiring harnesses have different colors

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New GT750 wiring harnesses have different colors

Post by acruz »

I recently bought new wiring harnesses for my 72' GT750 and I was in the process of changing them out. The new harness however has some different colored wires than the original ones. Has anyone used these new wiring harnesses and if so can you please advise on installation.
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Re: New GT750 wiring harnesses have different colors

Post by jabcb »

Do all of the connectors on the new wiring harness match up with the original ones?

Late model GT750s have additional wires for the gear indicator.
GT550s can have 6 wires going to the ignition switch , which is 2 more than the GT750.
GT380s don’t have the electric starter circuit.

If the connectors match up, then you may have a wiring harness made when Suzuki wasn’t able to get adequate amounts of certain colors of wires. Service Bulletin GT-23 shows the temporary color changes Suzuki made to deal with this issue. ... 022-26.pdf
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