General question regulator rectifier shopping aftermarket

All to do with wiring, charging or just trying to figure out whats gone wrong.

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General question regulator rectifier shopping aftermarket

Post by PippiFyrecracker »

How do I decipher the numbers ontop of the rectifier/regulator or find the specs to shop for an aftermarket one?
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Re: General question regulator rectifier shopping aftermarke

Post by jabcb »

I have used a Tympanium on several twin-cylinder Suzuki two strokes.
This shows what it looks like & how I installed in on a T500: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8260&hilit=tympanum&start=15

Modern rectifier/regulators do a much better job of controlling the voltage plus they are a little more efficient so you get a bit more electrical output. You should do this upgrade if you are going to use a modern sealed battery.

The Tympanium is around $50 on eBay. Get one of them that looks the same as my pic. ... h&_sacat=0

Let me know if you do the upgrade. I have a post that shows how to wire them up.
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Re: General question regulator rectifier shopping aftermarke

Post by titan performance »

Plug and play for T or GT.. ... r-1968-75/" onclick=";return false;
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Re: General question regulator rectifier shopping aftermarke

Post by A.Holley »

A late submission, but I have been using Boyer-Bransden power box for 25 yrs. it contains regulator , re tifier and a capacitor all in one neat package. The capacitor allows you to run the bike safely without a battery. It will even work battery less with my Pirahna ignition system.
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