Lithium Ion Batteries

All to do with wiring, charging or just trying to figure out whats gone wrong.

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Lithium Ion Batteries

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Well, some of you may remember me from a few weeks ago when troubleshooting a no-charge issue on my GT550A. After having fixed that, I took the bike for a nice, long ride on Sunday. Almost 150 miles of fun and visits to gas stations (getting only about 17 miles to the gallon but that's for another topic).

I fully charged the battery the day before my ride but a few miles from getting home she completely died. Pulled over, kicked it a few times and nothing. Waited a few minutes, kicked it again and she started only to die again 30 seconds later. Checked all the connections and everything looked OK. Called the wifey and asked her to bring me a battery. Got home and first thing I did without shutting her off was to check if she was charging...and she was.

Additional details: the battery that was on the GT is a Lithium Ion type. The battery I put to get me home is an AGM type.

So, here's my question: could it be that these old charging systems don't do well recharging these modern Lithium Ion batteries? I have heard some mixed opinions on them regarding not lasting long.

Maybe it's due to a weak voltage regulator? Any thoughts and feedback will be appreciated!
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