Candy Verdoro / Cascade Green Paint

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Candy Verdoro / Cascade Green Paint

Post by Wernvilla »

Hello Everyone,

I am looking at buying some paint to spray my side panel due to be wrong colour.

I have tried multiple places to find an aerosol paint in Cascade / Verdoro Green

Does anyone know a place where I can purchase some?

or has someone got a green side panel they would be willing to sell.

The only place I have found a similar colour is: ... 4245010375" onclick=";return false;
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Re: Candy Verdoro / Cascade Green Paint

Post by jabcb »

If the rest of your bike is an original Suzuki color, then RS Bike Paint might have what you need:

Suzuki colors 50 years ago weren’t consistent like they are these days. So if you get correct paint for your side panel, it might be a bit different that the rest of your bike.
That happened to me some time ago when I needed a replacement sidecover for an aztec gold 71 T350. Ended up getting two NOS sidecovers. One matched my T350s color & the other one was a good bit different.
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