Exhaust Prep for chrome plating questions

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Exhaust Prep for chrome plating questions

Post by Olafskii »

I'd like to get my GT750 exhausts re-chromed but know almost nothing about the process, or how to prep the exhausts.  A few fellows posted links on this forum but the links are old and don't work anymore.  I wonder if anyone has any leads.  Questions as follows:

How clean do the chrome platers need the pipes to be? 
  • -I've heard that the residual 2-stroke oil in the pipes contaminates the choming solution and this is why many chrome platers don't like 2-stroke exhausts.  
    -Is it necessary to clean the carbonaceous stuff out of the exhaust pipe insides before the chromers can work on the pipes?
    -The material isn't particularly tenacious and can be loosened up with a wooden scraper.  Except, from the back of the pipe you can't reach very far.  
    -Has anyone tried steel or brass bottle brushes?  There are lots on e-bay and amazon.  
Does the chroming process compromise the exhaust system in any way? 
  • -Does the re-chroming process carry any corrosion risk?
    -Are acids employed that can rust the exhausts?
Any help or leads would be appreciated.  Thanks

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Re: Exhaust Prep for chrome plating questions

Post by joolstacho »

Right. Here's what you need to do:
Burn out the exhausts to get rid of any residual crap.
Then thoroughly clean and degrease them. Make up a long flexible wirebrush to go through, and clean.
Find rubber plugs to fit very tightly in each end.
Now you can tell the platers what a good lad you've been!

Reverse plating is used to strip off existing chrome.
Yes, acids are used then to prep the steel. But not aggressive enough to damage steel.
Then they polish them, followed by more chemical cleaning.
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