72 GT550

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72 GT550

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Hi All,
I'm attempting to clean up a 72 GT550. I bought a house in K.C. and the bike was in the basement. I located the owner of the bike and he didn't want it as the 2 outer pistons had holes in them-and he was right! The bike was missing 2 carb's, someone shot all the lights out of it with a pellet gun, the petcock was 1/2 there and both tires were flat and the drum brake is locked up.
Outside of that it's perfect, it had been sitting there since 1978.

After researching the GT550 I realized that i would have to locate parts in cycle scrap yards or SUZUKI sites like this one. I decided to get another engine.

I found one in K.C. that was used on a Yamaha 500 Quad! We fired the engine up and things looked pretty good. I started to take the engine off the quad when i noticed something odd, the front motor mounts were sheared off clean. That's not good. I was gonna part it out, but last night i decided I'll make one engine out of two.

So-I expect I'll need some help.


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Re: 72 GT550

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still have bike? for sale at all?
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