T-500 parts needed

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T-500 parts needed

Post by bofud »

Hello all
Restoring a 1972 t-500 .Close to done, need the 2 washers that go over the fork seals before the fork springs go on. Any help ,much appreciated!
Will now have a restored T-250 ,T-500, and my GT750 J [ Resto blog on this site]

Have not been on site for a bit but still peruse.
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Re: T-500 parts needed

Post by Alan H »

Hi bofud, I wouldn't leave any personal details on your posts as they can be picked up by 'anyone' and you'll end up with loads of spam.
Please delete them and people can contact you either via PM or direct email from your site contact details under your name to the right of your post.

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Re: T-500 parts needed

Post by tz375 »

Alan is right. What are the dimensions of those washers?
It's quite possible that someone has a set from say a "Leakproof" seals set for a bike with the same diameter forks.
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