Carb float bowl.

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Clive 2
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Carb float bowl.

Post by Clive 2 »


I'm looking for a float bowl for the Mikuni fitted to my 72' T500.
Could anyone help me out please ?
I am located in the U.K

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Re: Carb float bowl.

Post by dollydog »

to be honest clive you've probably got more chance of plaiting fog :(
i got mine through going on facebook and a nice gentleman from belgium sold me a virtually complete carb for £30 plus post. i'd been looking and advertising for one for at least 6 months til i found one. try the t500 page on fb, join it and put a wanted ad on. you MIGHT be lucky :D
cheers, dd.
p.s. the repro big mikuni float bowls DO NOT FIT. ask me how i know :evil:
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