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Mission Completed

Posted: Wed May 23, 2018 12:58 pm
by ConnerVT
After several years, and at least 2,000 miles, I have finally come to change the oil for the first time on my T500 rebuild. I probably should of done this sooner, but life, don't you know?

It has taken me to this late in the spring to finally complete the post winter wake up. After my engine flooding incident a few weeks back, the bike needed to sit (with all that gasoline in the bottom end) before I even had the time to address that boondogle. Once resolved, I started her up, warmed it gently, rode 1.5 miles around the neighborhood, and had to park her again, until today.

She started on the first kick this morning. I held the oil pump arm at full throttle, until I saw the pleasant telltale signs of oil puffing from both exhausts. Put a little air in the back tire, some lube on the chain, adjusted the rear brake, reset the trip odometer to 000.0 (a season tradition), and went for a leisurely 7.5 mile ride to warm things up.

The bike has the oil dam modification, and was filled with 1400ml of 80-90W gear oil when I rebuilt it. I was a bit concerned when only about 3-400ml came out when removing the first oil plug. Much relief when removing the second (shift cam) bolt, where another liter went into the oil pan (and, for bonus points, all the oil did go into the pan. This isn't a given.)

Measured what came out of the bike was just about 1300ml. I figure the remaining 100ml is busily coating transmission and clutch components, hiding inside the case, or was abducted by aliens. After this much time, a very satisfying result.

Tomorrow I will take her out for an 80 mile shakedown ride.

Re: Mission Completed

Posted: Wed May 23, 2018 2:21 pm
by Evans Ward
That's great news and satisfying to an owner. :clap: