How do I improve a GT380 Clutch?

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Re: How do I improve a GT380 Clutch?

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I tried the hydraulic clutch conversion. It was unsuccessful to say the least.
I’m still having the same problem of slipping and binding variations. I’ve now replaced both clutch rods with genuine NOS Suzuki ones. I’ve also tried several different oils in the gearbox and tried adjusting the oil level, all to no avail.
I’m currently in the Pyrenees in Spain having ridden here from Scotland. I’ve covered hundreds of miles and I’m getting tired of having to adjust the clutch for temperature variation caused by use.
Does anyone know which brand of clutch friction plates are worth fitting? I currently have EBC fitted. I don’t wish to get them again.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.😊
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Re: How do I improve a GT380 Clutch?

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Also, just filled the 550B resto gearbox with 1500cc of Duckhams 20w50 mineral oil as I did in the 70s.
No slip.
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