Getting ready for 2017!

The Kawasaki Triple guys started it but we can be part of it too.

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Getting ready for 2017!

Post by Mgmark »

The T500 showed its shortcomings at the Gap this year so I decided it deserved some updates. I found a GT500 front end which gives me internal fork springs, and the disc brake is a huge inprovement. Tapered steering bearings went in too.
Special thanks to Frank John for the GT550 front fender and headlight ears and trims I didn't get with the forks. Thank goodness Suzuki shares parts across model lines!


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Re: Getting ready for 2017!

Post by Suzsmokeyallan »

Maybe our group will see you there at the Gap in 2017,the bikes looking ready.
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Re: Getting ready for 2017!

Post by rngdng »

I saw him this year. The bike is nice. Mark came and picked up a lot of my GT parts a couple of weeks ago. I still have a bunch of TS400 parts if anyone has a need.

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Re: Getting ready for 2017!

Post by tz375 »


If you don't mind non standard parts, SV650 (same as EX500/ZX600 etc) calipers and lighter disk/s (say Honda CBR600F3) make a huge improvement and one is enough. I have two on the Phat Trakka and it will chirp the front tire if I'm not careful.
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