Wanted gt550 points and wiring

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Wanted gt550 points and wiring

Post by Hawky416 »

Good evening

I’m looking for the wires from the points to the coils I’ve built the engine and have the contact points plate with the points and condensers on but no wires from the plate to the coils. Unless someone would be kind enough to measure the length and gauge of cable I need to use that would be very handy :D
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Re: Wanted gt550 points and wiring

Post by Alan H »

1.5mm multistrand should be ok. Of course different colours make it expensive, so just use one colour and label the cores 1,2,3, or , C, R.
Which bit of the UK are you based in? You seem a bit cagey on answering that question.
We can't be that far apart.
I have several sets of points plates that might be useful.
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Re: Wanted gt550 points and wiring

Post by tz375 »

There must be a local equivalent to http://vintageconnections.com/Products/Wire where you can buy 3 feet of Black, Black and yellow, and yellow plus ground lead if required plus a 4 pin connector to match the one on the main harness.

Cable (wire) is not expensive if you buy it by the foot.

https://www.motorcyclewiringspecialists.co.uk/ and have them make a sub harness.

https://www.rexs-speedshop.com/product- ... -ht-cable/ rex's speed shop rebuilt a TZ350 CDI box for us with all stock looking wire colors

If you buy the wires, connect at one end and tape the wires together every say 12 inches and route them to the other end and then terminate them. remove and wrap or sheath the wires and you should be good to go.
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